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Another Angel of Love, Book Two

Top #1 Pick for Christian Romance Fiction, rated by wiki.ezvid.com

"Whether you're someone who holds their faith close or you simply want to get in touch with your spiritual side, there are so many wonderful romantic stories out there about love lost and regained. For those who like their tender tales with a touch of faith and spirituality, here, in no particular order, are some of the best Christian romance books to keep an eye out for.

At #1, we find "Another Angel of Love" by Henry K. Ripplinger. Two years ago, Henry met Jenny, an incredible woman who he connected with more than anyone he'd ever met. But Jenny and her family moved, and her parents have been careful to destroy all correspondence between the two lovers, except for a single letter with a pewter angel inside the envelope. When Henry meets another woman who promises an easier romantic path, his loyalty to his one true love will be tested, and he'll have to choose between his soulmate and his new partner." — April, 2019

Reader Reviews

Find countless reviews by readers of The Angelic Letters Series by author Henry K. Ripplinger on goodreads.com

The Angelic Letters Series

PewterAngels, Book One

Pewter Angels, book one in the seven book Angelic Letters Series is an award winning national bestseller. The epic story follows the lives of Jenny Sarsky and Henry Pederson along with their guardian angels. Their uplifting yet tumultuous journey through life’s struggles and victories inspires the miracle of deep, enduring love.

Another Angel of Love, Book Two

Another Angel of Love, book two of the series, continues the saga of Henry and Jenny and their families. The powerful life lessons revealed through the author’s beloved characters, especially Mr. Engelmann’s mentoring goes beyond fiction and is life changing. The novel glows with moments of tenderness … deeply inspirational … is captivating the hearts of people everywhere!

Angel of Thanksgiving, Book Three

Angel of Thanksgiving, takes the reader further into this incredible journey of faith, hope and love. Make a huge space in your heart before you begin to read book three in the Angelic Letters Series as it will quickly fill with love’s beauty and wonder between Henry and Jenny.

The Angelic Occurrence, Book Four

The Angelic Occurrence, book four, delves into the ever-widening circle of influence Henry’s and Jenny’s guardian angels bestow upon them. The twists and turns in this thrilling and heart-stopping adventure will keep you gripping the book tighter and tighter. The Biblical themes will touch your soul … the essence of your being where faith is born.

Angel Promises Fulfilled, Book Five

Angel Promises Fulfilled, book five brings surprises and satisfaction beyond the reader’s most wishful imaginings. The characters, the words, the spiritual content will consume your thoughts and heart completely! Only angels could bring about such a hard to put down tender-hearted saga of life, miracles and enduring love.

The House Where Angels Dwell, Book Six

Come, sit on the deck beside the prayer house along with Henry and Jenny who talk to Father Engelmann about life challenges that really matter. Often, there is a silence between the sounds of nature in which you will hear the flutter of wings as God whispers to His angels to speak to your heart. Whatever your state in life, once you read this book, you will never be the same again.

The Heart of an Angel, Book Seven

The Heart of an Angel is the seventh and final book in the award winning, best selling, Angelic Letters Series. After five decades, the journey of the family of characters which readers have lived with, cried with, prayed with, attended their weddings and funerals, finally plays out in this epic, heart-stopping, unforgettable saga.

Complete 7 Book Boxed Set

Come, join the family of characters. Once the book is open, the journey has begun. It is so much more than a captivating love story. It is deeply inspiring and glows with moments of tenderness. The Angelic Letters Series will swell your heart; you will hug the pages to your chest with each reading!

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