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The Heart of an Angel, Book 7

The Heart of an Angel

The seventh book in the award winning, best selling, The Angelic Letters Series may be the most important book you will ever read. Ripplinger’s clear, captivating writing style, will guide you through the lives of his beloved characters, to find purpose and meaning with eternity always in mind.

After five decades, the family of characters which readers have lived with, cried with, prayed with, laughed with, attended their weddings and funerals, finally plays out in this epic, heart-stopping, unforgettable saga.

You will be right there with Henry as he is once again faced with the possibility of losing the love of his life. While Jenny is lying in a coma, much like his first wife Julean was, Henry struggles with the formidable task of deciding whether to terminate the child Jenny is carrying in her womb or risk delivering the baby at Jenny’s peril. He knows only too well what Jenny would want him to do, but the thought of losing Jenny again is unthinkable. The entire gamut of emotions run so high and deep it will be as if you are in the character’s skin.

Father Engelmann was assigned two tasks by his guardian angel, Zachariah during his near-death experience. His first mission upon his return, to write the love story of Henry and Jenny, is almost completed. But what about the second task that he was asked to carry out during his brief stint on the other side? What future vision was Father allowed to see on the doorsteps to heaven? What was so compelling that he quickly agreed to put off entering into his heavenly home and instead returned to the land of the living?

Come, join us at Henry’s acreage as this breath-taking adventure of love plays itself out. The twists and turns of fate will keep you gripping the book tighter and tighter as this epic story comes to a conclusion that surprises and satisfies beyond the reader’s most wishful imaginings; an ending only angels can bring about.

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“The Heart of an Angel”
by Henry K. Ripplinger

The Heart of an Angel—Hardcover $32.95

Cloth bonded, hardcover binding, foiled on spine and front. Foiled and embossed dustjacket.
Size: 5 7/8" x 8 3/4" x 1 7/8". 576 pages.

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The Heart of an Angel—Softcover $21.95

Perfect binding, foiled on spine and front cover, foiled and embossed front cover.
Size: 5 1/2" x 8 1/2" x 1 1/4". 503 pages.

The Heart of an Angel Frameable Print$20.00

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Edition size: 4000. Size: 5" x 5.25"

The Heart of an Angel—eBook

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From readers:“A page turner, gripping, inspirational, captivating”
“The characters, words, and spiritual content are compelling!”

Henry and Father Engelmann sat on the deck outside the prayer house and watched Jenny running through the meadow of wildflowers, chasing butterflies. Such a shining light; so full of life, living joyfully in the present moment. In spite of all the challenges and trials that came her way, she never lost that childlike trust in life.

Father was contemplating similar thoughts. “It’s all about love, Henry. God is love; we are created out of love and for love. Where love is, so is God’s peace, joy and healing. Love is inter-connected to all of life’s joys, tribulations and relationships. It is love above all else which sets us free to live a spirit filled life!

“Before us we can see the wisdom of Jesus’ words, ‘“Unless we become like little children we cannot enter the kingdom of heaven.”’ That is why Jesus, on the eve of His death, commanded us over and over to love one another as He has loved us. More than anything He could have said that memorable evening, it was love which Jesus commanded us to do. Through Jesus’ immense love and sacrifice, we are once again in a right relationship with God the Father. We are once again His children and related to each other as brothers and sisters in Christ!

“Yes, love connects us all to each other and to all of life. Given any circumstance, love is partly or fully a solution or an answer to the situation. God gave us free will and the entire gamut of human emotions which we can choose from to respond to life’s challenges, but it is when we choose love, we return to Him. Love sets us free!”

Henry’s reflection on his mentor’s words was broken by Jenny’s laughter. There she was, waving a white daisy with the yellow center high into the heavens. The radiance of her face brighter than the sun rising in the morning sky. It was plain to see the wisdom of Father’s words; it is love which elevates us to God on high. It is continuing the redemptive love of Jesus which makes us all we can be!

Softly, Henry whispered, “Jenny is patient, Jenny is kind, compassionate, consoling and forgiving. Jenny is gentle, forbearing and meek. Yes, Jenny like Father Engelmann, is love. Jesus is at the center of their lives and that is why they are earthly angels and exude the light. That is why they have the heart of an angel.”