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Reader Responses

“…I absolutely loved Pewter Angels! It would be in my top 10 books of all time.”

“…one of the best books I have read and cannot put it down.”

“…it's been a long time since a book has taken me away on a journey that stimulated so many emotions on so many different levels.”

“…appreciated the life lessons all through the book. I will recommend to my teenage grandchildren.”

“…the greatest book I have ever read. A very powerful love story, a story of love and faith, and teaches so many life lessons.”

“…I am a social worker since 1987. I will be recommending your book to all faith-based parents I see in my pracitse and to young people alike.”

“…I haven't ever read such a heart-warming story.”  

The Angelic Letters Series, Book One

Pewter Angels

The summer of 1956 starts out like any other summer for 15-year-old Henry Pederson: hot, long and boring. That all changes when Jenny Sarsky, along with her guardian angel and her family move into the house three doors down. From the moment their eyes meet, an earthly attraction unites their hearts while the spiritual energy travelling the length of the gaze they share joins their souls—spinning a web of love that transcends time and Heaven itself.

Mr. Engelmann, an endearing, wise and spirit filled mentor, comes into Henry’s life, providing him with powerful insights and valuable life lessons that carry strength, wisdom and hope. As so many readers have shared, we should all be so fortunate as to have someone like him in our lives. You will be compelled to live and breathe with the other characters who are so real too, that their sadness, tears and joys fly off the pages and become ever entrenched in your mind and heart.

Characters so real that their sadness, tears and joys fly off the pages and become ever entrenched in the mind and heart of the reader.

Pewter Angels the first book of “The Angelic Letters Series” begins the epic saga of life, love, angels and miracles. The story takes Henry and Jenny and their families on an inspiring yet tumultuous journey through life’s struggles and victories, and the miracle of deep, enduring love. Their 40-year spiritual odyssey becomes an experience long remembered; a hard-to-put-down story spanning seven novels with an ending that only angels can bring about.

Come, join the family of characters. Once the book is open, the journey has begun. It is so much more than a captivating love story. It is deeply inspiring and glows with moments of tenderness. Pewter Angels will swell your heart; you will hug the pages to your chest with each reading!

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"Every once in a while a love story comes along that is nothing short of amazing and has a gifted storyteller backing it."
Darlene Oakley
Acquisitions Editor, Lachesis Publishing

"A lifelong and avid reader, I have consumed thousands of novels. Never has one been more delicious than Pewter Angels, and for the first time in memory I could not resist a second helping. Indeed, I read it twice, each time more than satisfying."
Wendy Ward
Author and CEO, Davis-Ward Centre for People Excellence

Softcover, Hardcover and “Pewter Angels” Frameable Numbered Print by Henry K. Ripplinger

Pewter Angels—Softcover $21.95

Perfect binding, foiled on spine and front cover, foiled and embossed front cover.
Size: 5 1/2" x 8 1/2" x 1 1/4". 432 pages.

Pewter Angels—Hardcover $32.95 – SOLD OUT

Cloth bonded hardcover binding, foiled on spine and front. Foiled and embossed dustjacket.
Size: 5 7/8" x 8 3/4" x 1 3/3". 432 pages.

Pewter Angels—eBook

EPub or Kindle format available from online book sellers

Pewter Angels Frameable Print$20.00

Edition size: 2600. Size: 4.75" x 5.5"

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“He hath given his angels charge over thee; to keep thee in all thy ways… In their hands they shall bear thee up: lest thou dash thy foot against a stone.” Psalm 91:11-12

…Suddenly, she turned to Henry as if to speak, catching him off guard. He didn’t have time to pretend he wasn’t staring at her. He’d been caught. Their eyes met now for a second time and although he felt his face warming again with a blush, this time he couldn’t turn away. Her gaze locked with his and his with hers. They rose from their knees simultaneously, as if lifted, and were at once standing, facing each other.

Nothing existed except this moment and this place.

A charged, earthly attraction united their hearts while a spiritual energy traveled the length of the gaze they shared, drawing their souls from their bodies and joining them at the halfway point. The aura around them brightened, enclosing both in the surrounding glow of their celestial connection.

Time stood still…

Pewter Angels will grab your heart, squeeze it and hold it to the very last page.

If You're Not From The Prairie...

A best seller, "If You're Not From the Prairie..." is a poetic and visual journey depicting the prairies and the people who have made this diverse land their home. A treasure for the mind and soul.

Illustrated by Henry Ripplinger

Stories by David Bouchard


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